Intermediate Certification of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (Online)

Test your FETI interviewing proficiency to receive the lifetime public distinction of being a Certified FETI Interviewing Practitioner - Intermediate (CFP-I).


There are no hard training prerequisites for Intermediate Certification, however, it is very important to understand all of the course requirements prior to purchasing your certification attempt. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following information.

  • This Intermediate Certification course will test your knowledge, skills, and abilities on the FETI Methodology. While there are no prerequisites for training, it is highly recommended to have completed one of Certified FETI's learning and practice-based training courses prior to attempting certification. See our training overview and certification overview for more information.
  • IMPORTANT: Failure of any part of this certification course (one or both of the interview evaluations or the examination) will result in a failure of your certification attempt - we are unable to make exceptions for any reason. However, you will be able to repurchase the certification course and attempt certification again if your initial attempt results in failure.
  • We are unable to provide refunds of any kind once you start the certification course.  Please see our refund policy for more information.

Course Dates

Any individual can attempt Intermediate Certification at any time. This Intermediate Certification course is always open for enrollment. Please see our certification overview for more details.

About This Course

Skill up your career with Certified FETI's Intermediate Certification that brings quality, accountability, and transparency into your interviews.

This course requires you to effectively demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined in Certified FETI's learning and practice courses at an Intermediate proficiency. See our training overview for more information about our learning and practice-based training.

The certification course has two components to evaluate your FETI® interviewing skills. First, you will be asked to submit two interviews that will be used to evaluate your ability to correctly use FETI with a participant and second, you will take an online exam where you will demonstrate your knowledge of the FETI Methodology.

Interview Submission and Evaluation Requirements

Everything you will need to know about preparingconductingevaluating, and submitting your interviews is outlined in the beginning of the certification course in the lesson, “Getting ready for your interviews.” 

Below is a brief outline of what will be covered in this lesson.

Preparing for your Interviews: This section will provide information in detail about the following

  • Choosing your participant (non-casework)
  • Obtaining consent
  • Choosing an interview location and setting up your interview room
  • Recording your interviews

Conducting your interviews: This section will provide information in detail about the following

  • Opening each interview
  • During each interview
  • Closing each interview

Evaluation of your interviews: This section will provide information in detail about the following

Submitting your interviews: This section will provide information in detail about the following

  • How to submit (upload) your interview recordings (Note - Both interviews are submitted online during this certification attempt, and there is no ability to submit videos in any other way (mail, etc). If you are having trouble with uploading any videos throughout the course, please use the Chrome browser or contact via the support link in the footer of the website.)

Intermediate Certification Examination

After you finish submitting your interviews, you will have to take the Basic Certification exam. Below are the requirements for the exam:

  • A 90% completion score is required to pass.  Any score lower than a 90% on the exam will result in failure of the certification attempt.
  • The exam is not timed, consists of multiple-choice questions, and is only available online.
  • All questions are from information provided from the curriculum provided from Certified FETI's learning-based training. See our training overview for all learning-based trainings. Note - The FETI Methodology Course (Online) and the Introduction to FETI (In-person) provide the most comprehensive curriculum of the FETI Methodology.
  • Feel free to use your course notes as a guide through your exam.

After successful completion of this certification course, you will be receive the following benefits:

  • Show the public you are accountable, transparent, and neutral in your interviews
  • Lifetime distinction of Certified FETI Interviewing Practitioner - Intermediate, CFP-I (i.e. Your Name, CFP-I)
  • Ability to attempt Certified FETI's Advanced Certification
  • Ability to share on Certified FETI directory and on LinkedIn certifications
  • Access additional interviewing tools on the Certified FETI Platform as they come online

Course Objectives

  • Submit two 90-120 minute interviews for evaluation by FETI faculty and pass at an intermediate proficiency
  • Take the Intermediate certification exam and receive a passing score of 90% or higher
  • Effectively demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined in the FETI Framework at an intermediate proficiency

Course Outline

Read our full course documentation in our library.

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Intermediate Certification of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (Online)

Successful certification results in a lifetime distinction of CFP-I

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