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Trauma Interviewing®

Certified FETI is the founding and governing body of the official Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview®, a science and practice-based interviewing methodology informed by the latest research on the neurobiology of trauma and memory.

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What is FETI®?

The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI) provides interviewers with a science-informed interviewing framework that maximizes opportunities for information collection and accurately documents the participant's experience in a neutral, equitable, and fair manner.

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Who is FETI® for?

FETI is a multi-disciplinary interviewing methodology that is adopted by organizations and individuals who interview in some form or fashion in their professional role.

The majority of the interviewers we train work in the following areas: Law Enforcement, Government, Higher Education, Criminal Prosecution, Advocacy, Healthcare, Family Services, and the Corporate Sector.

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The FETI® Difference

The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview, a trauma-informed interviewing methodology, is different than traditional and other interviewing techniques. Amongst many differences, the top three are:

FETI is...

  • Standardized and Evaluated
  • Neutral and Equitable
  • Skill-forward

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The impact of Certified FETI is profound; it has transformed the way we interact with victims, witnesses, suspects, and our own staff. This interviewing method results in a depth of information that was previously un-mined.

Since implementing our FETI training, our officers have enhanced the quality of evidence in their investigations, but even greater than this, we are helping victims become whole again.

Hanover PD
Chief Charlie Dennis
Hanover Police Department