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The infrastructure and standardization of the FETI Methodology enables interviewers to be evaluated in a consistent manner and provides clear metrics to determine whether an interview is in fact a Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview. Certification allows individual practitioners the opportunity for professional accountability by having the governing body of Certified FETI maintain, update, and evaluate the FETI Methodology.

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Jeffrey K. Nolan

Holland & Knight

Using the FETI® approach in higher education investigations allows us to gather information effectively and appropriately from all parties and witnesses, and interviewing for clarification ensures that the information gathered can be integrated into our investigations in a manner that is fair and equitable for all parties.

Lieutenant Nicholas Sanders

Albuquerque Police Department

FETI Training has further empowered APS's SVS to provide effective policing while supporting those victimized. Other units within SVS have also expressed the same contentment that CACU noted during their time with FETI. FETI has both been a great addition to our training requirements and a positive supportive company to work with n achieving this goal.