Custom Training

Certified FETI offers online and in-person custom interviewing trainings to accommodate your event or organization’s unique interviewing needs.

For questions or assistance with choosing a training please reach out to us by email at or complete the form below.

Learn more about how we customize our interview training to meet your needs

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Customize your training with specific elements and application within the FETI Methodology.

Certified FETI's custom trainings offer overviews, use cases, tools, and applications of FETI such as:

  • Selected components of the FETI Methodology
  • Application specific interviewing scenarios such as patrol stops, sane nurse interview, etc. (whatever is relevant to your work)
  • The neuroscience of high stress or trauma on memory
  • The importance of professional wellness on interviewing
  • Downloadables for everyday use
  • Plus many more options

Types of custom training

In-Person Custom Training

Have a Certified FETI instructor come to you or your event to present your customized training.

Deep dive into predetermined areas of the FETI Methodology and follow up with a live Q&A session.

Online Custom Training

Work with Certified FETI to develop a customized self-paced interview training that you can enroll individuals in online at your convenience.

An easy training option to roll out throughout the year.

Hybrid Custom Training

Combine both in-person training or speaking events with a custom online training that individuals can complete or refresh at a later date.

This hybrid option is great for attendees of conferences, virtual webinars, etc.

Read our full documentation on custom training in our library.

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