The FETI Methodology Course (Online)

The FETI Methodology Course is Certified FETI’s foundational training as it provides the full curriculum for the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview methodology.


There are no prerequisites to take this course.

Course Dates

- Open for enrollment 24/7/365.
- Complete at your own pace.
- Course completion typically takes 16 hours.
- Includes 6 optional Office Hour events per year.
- Office Hours include live online access to our instructors where you can ask questions, discuss our Methodology, etc.
- See our calendar for Office Hours dates.

About This Course

The FETI® Methodology course is Certified FETI’s foundational training as it provides the full curriculum for the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview Methodology. At the core of the course is an interactive online experience that provides attendees with detailed instruction on every part of the FETI Methodology. All instruction is delivered by an Advanced Certified FETI Interviewer with significant experience both utilizing and teaching the FETI Methodology.

This course provides instruction on the official FETI Framework™, with in-depth guidance on how to correctly conduct a Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview. Attendees are provided with all the elements of a FETI interview, so they can immediately apply the knowledge from the training to their professional work.

Attendees who are new to the FETI Methodology or have attended a more abbreviated Certified FETI training course, will find this comprehensive training to be the most complete way to learn how to conduct a FETI interview. The online FETI Methodology course provides the perfect foundation for those wanting to participate in more intensive, one-on-one, interview practice at a Practical Application of FETI® course.

This online course provides instruction that is self-paced. There is no requirement for this course to be started or completed within a specific time frame. Once an attendee begins this course they have access to all curriculum updates and additions for life.

Attendees must complete all coursework and fully participate in all exercises to receive a certificate of completion.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the FETI Framework
  • Recognize the impact of trauma and high-stress on memory, communication, and recall
  • Learn how to maximize opportunities for information gathering
  • Learn how to utilize FETI Brain-Based Cues in interviews
  • Understand the difference between an interview and an investigation
  • Identify ways that Experiential Information Collection may be negatively impacted

Course Outline

Course Home Expand All
Pre-Course Information Submissions
Getting Started
Proficiency Evaluation
Practical Exercise
FETI Foundations
FETI Framework Element #1: Science and Practice-Based
FETI Framework Element #2: Opportunities For Information™
Proficiency Evaluation
Practical Exercise
FETI Framework Element #3: Neutral and Equitable
FETI Framework Element #4: Continuum of an Interview Experience
Practical Exercise
Bringing it all Together
Optional Learning
Post-Course Evaluation of Learning
Frequently Asked Questions

With the purchase and enrollment into the FETI Methodology Course, attendees receive lifetime access to all future curriculum updates to the FETI Methodology Course. This also includes lifetime access to the 6 office hours sessions per year.

No, there are no hard requirements for certification. However, the FETI Methodology Course

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The FETI Methodology Course (Online)

Lifetime access to the full FETI Methodology and its annual curriculum updates

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Why the FETI Methodology Course over other interviewing training?

The FETI Methodology Course was built by leading multi-disciplinary interview practitioners, neuroscientists, and is continuously improved and vetted by expert advisors around the world.

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Receive lifetime access to annual curriculum updates and office hours

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The FETI Methodology is standardized with evaluation metrics

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FETI training respects interviewing as a skill that needs continuous practice

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