About Certified FETI®

Founded in 2017, Certified FETI is the governing body of the official Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview®.

The Certified FETI community is committed to providing professional interviewers with a standardized methodology that brings accountability and transparency into the interview room.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Supported by a large cast of faculty members, administrative staff, expert advisory committees, and passionate community members, Certified FETI develops the tools and skills to develop, train, and evaluate professional interviewers.

Our Founders

Carrie Hull, CFP-A

Carrie Hull, CFP-A

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Lori Heitman, CFP-A

Lori Heitman, CFP-A

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Mission and Values

Mission and Values of Certified FETI

We envision a world where any interviewer is able to collect and accurately document an individual's high stress or traumatic experience in a neutral, equitable, and fair manner based in science and practice - a world where all interviews are a Participant-Centric Process ™ with the goal of increasing opportunities to for Experiential Information Collection™.

Our Mission

Our mission at Certified FETI is very simple...

To maximize opportunities for information collection

Our Values

Our values that drive the Certified FETI culture...

Accessibility, Accountability, Neutrality, Stewardship, & Innovation

Expert Advisory Committees

Certified FETI's Expert Advisors

The FETI Methodology is built and vetted by experts and leaders in their respective fields.

About Our EACs

Each Certified FETI Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) focuses on specific areas that apply to the FETI Methodology in order to advance proficiency, effectiveness and accuracy.

The EACs review the latest information, curriculum and scientific evidence available relating to the use of the Certified FETI Methodology by individual practitioners and its application within professional organizations. Members of the EACs provide guidance to revise and update the methodology in accordance with the science and practice-based foundation of Certified FETI.

Join our Expert Advisory Committees

We are always looking for experts/leaders in the following areas to join our EACs:
Advocacy Behavioral Science Cognitive Science Healthcare Higher Education Law Enforcement Neurobiology of Trauma Criminal Justice

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