FETI for Organizations

Certified FETI works with organizations of all types, big and small, all over the world. From full, onsite certification courses to keynote addresses, we are delighted to share the FETI mission with you.

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Certification Options

We offer two options for organizations to get certified.

1. Hosting: Many organizations choose to have our FETI® certification instructors come train onsite at their location. See more on hosting.

2. Organization enrollment: Organizations send individuals to a training already on our training calendar. See our training events calendar.

For either option, fill out the form below to get your organization certified.

Presentation Overview

We offer a presentation option for organizations where we come to you and present FETI® (not a certified training).

1. Orientation: Many organizations choose to have our instructors come to speak at their event. The orientation is a presentation that gives an overview of what FETI® is with up to four hours of content.

Learn more about the difference between Certification and Presentation here.

Fill out the form below if you would like FETI® to come present at your organization or event.

See how FETI® impacted professionals across the Brighton Police Department

Request Form for Organizations

Fill out the request form to the best of your ability. We will respond prompltly. If you have any questions int the interim, please check our FAQ page or contact us.