Introduction to FETI (In-Person)

The Introduction to FETI Course (In-person) is an overview of Certified FETI’s foundational interviewing technique, the FETI Methodology. This two day, learning course provides the building blocks for a successful, trauma-informed interview.


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This is the first course on your way to learning the full FETI Methodology. There are no prerequisites to take this course and is recommended to pair with the Practical Application of FETI Course (In-person or Online).

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Plano, Texas: Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (In-person)

Online Course

Monmouth, Oregon: Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (In-person)

Online Course

Little Rock, Arkansas: Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (In-person)

About This Course

The Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI®) course provides attendees with an introduction to the FETI Methodology delivered through two days of live instruction by an Advanced Certified FETI Interviewer with significant experience both utilizing and teaching the FETI Methodology.

This course provides instruction on the official FETI Framework™, detailing how to correctly conduct a Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview. This training can be customized to focus on the application for specific professions. All training will provide attendees with the essential elements of a FETI interview, so they are able to immediately apply the knowledge from the training to their professional work.

Attendees who are new to the FETI Methodology or have attended a more abbreviated Certified FETI training course, will find this live, in-person training to be an educational and interactive way to learn how to conduct a FETI interview.

The Introduction to FETI course provides a great foundation for those wanting to participate in more intensive, one-on-one, interview practice at a Practical Application of FETI® course.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the FETI Framework
  • Learn how to maximize opportunities for information gathering
  • Learn how to utilize FETI Brain-Based Cues in interviews
  • Understand the difference between an interview and an investigation
  • Understand what to avoid when conducting a FETI

Course Outline

Frequently Asked Questions

The Introduction to FETI course provides instruction in a lecture style that is responsive to the specific training’s attendees. As such, an agenda outlining a specific topic being instructed at a certain time is not possible. The following topics will be discussed but may be combined with other customization dependent on the intended audience: The FETI Framework, Know Your Role, Interview vs Investigation, System of Security: How to prepare, Brain-Based CuesTM,the Never Again 10TM, Documentation Considerations, and the Continuum of an Interview.

While the in-person Introduction to FETI course offers a great opportunity to learn the FETI Methodology, as with any skill, we recommend pairing this training with practice. Certified FETI recommends taking an in-person or online Practical Application of FETI course to help develop, practice, and enhance your FETI interviewing skills with the assistance of intensive feedback and guidance from our instructors.

Additionally, if individuals are interested in the distinction of being a Certified FETI Interviewer, we offer certification as well. While certification is not required, it does provide increased accountability, transparency, and enhanced skillset for the interviewer. And as a bonus, Basic and Intermediate certification is for life!

Event-based training means that the training course has an live event (in-person or online) tied to it. This course is event-based and requires attendees to select the location and date of the course after purchase. All of Certified FETI’s training events can be found on our training calendar.

Absolutely. For all group registration inquiries and group pricing, learn more and inquire at FETI or Organizations.

Yes, certificates are generated and can be downloaded/shared from your dashboard after course completion.

Read our full course documentation in our library.

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Introduction to FETI (In-Person)

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