Office Hours Overview

Office Hours | Certified FETI

Doc Objective: Provide a comprehensive overview of the Office Hours provided by Certified FETI

Certified FETI offers online office hour events to enhance both online and in-person trainings. During these online events, Certified FETI instructors are available via video conference to discuss and answer any questions that individuals or organizations have about the FETI Methodology and its application in your professional role.

Which courses offer office hours?

Currently, there are six office hour events per year that are included with the purchase and/or enrollment of any Certified FETI training course.

When are the office hours and how can I access them?

You can find the schedule of all of our office hours on the Certified FETI calendar as well as your dashboard once you have enrolled into any Certified FETI training. To access the office hour event, click the link provided on the office hour event card on your dashboard during the time of the event (See screenshot).

These office hour events are optional for enhanced learning and are not required for any course completion. You can attend as many office hours as you like and are encouraged to ask questions and interact with your instructors.

Certified FETI uses the Bluejeans video conferencing platform for all of its office hour events. Clicking on the link ‘Join this meeting’ from your dashboard will open the platform in your browser (Chrome is preferred) or the Bluejeans app. From there, you will be prompted to add your first and last name. Please ensure you submit your full name or the system will reject your access into the event. Some browsers may prompt you to allow the use of your microphone and camera. Once in the waiting room, the instructor will let you in to start your office hours event (see screenshots).

Add your full name (first and last)
Allow the browser to use your mic and camera
Wait for the instructor to let you into the office hours event
What can I expect from an office hours?

Office hours are offered to provide enhanced learning and interaction with Certified FETI instructors. Individuals are encouraged to come to office hour events with questions and comments about the FETI Methodology and its applications within their professional roles.

If you are looking to review or ask about specific real-world interviewing scenarios with an instructor, we ask that all participants of the office hours event respect the confidentiality of the subject matter and sanitize people, locations, etc. to your fullest potential.