Private Office Hours

About the Private Office Hours

Private office hours offer your organization personalized time with our Certified FETI faculty. Schedule time for your team to ask questions and discuss anything about interviewing, the FETI Methodology, and specific interviewing scenarios that are unique and relevant to your organization.

Private office hours are online using secure video conferencing software and can be extended to individuals within or outside your organization.

Benefits of Private Office Hours:

  • Tailor the conversation and questions to your organization's specific interviewing use cases
  • Confidential discussions can include current casework
  • Great opportunity for your staff to deep dive into the FETI Interviewing Methodology to supplement training
  • Discover best practices for management of the interviewing process
  • Plus so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, private office hours are credited to the purchasing organization and can be used in a minimum of 30 minute increments (can be longer!).

You can invite as many people as you like from inside and outside your organization. We will provide an online conferencing link for you to share at your discretion.

Organizations often vary in the topics and questions they choose to ask and discuss. Common questions and topics are but not limited to: specific interviewing scenarios within their organization; FETI Methodology review; interview processes; management and evaluation; plus much more.

Absolutely, Certified FETI faculty and staff are bound to confidentiality terms per our Terms of Service. The content that is discussed during these sessions is confidential to the extent that participants of the office hour sessions do not share outside of the private office hours.