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Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview

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The Introduction to FETI® course is the first step on the path to Basic Certification. At the core of the Introduction to FETI course is a comprehensive classroom experience taught by a Certified FETI® Advanced (CFP-A) instructor with significant industry and FETI® interviewing experience. Each CFP-A Instructor is joined by a Certified FETI® class facilitator to better provide attendees with customized guidance, both during the course and in preparation for those attendees who choose to continue on the path to Basic Certification. In addition to in-person, classroom training, the course encompasses an online component, which includes a library of information and online resources.

The introductory course provides instruction in two primary areas – the science and practice basis for the FETI® methodology and the official FETI Framework™ on how to correctly conduct a Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview.

Attendees of the Introduction to FETI are encouraged to enroll in the second step on the path to certification, the Practical Application of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview, where interviews are conducted, practiced, and evaluated by our instructors in a small and highly effective learning environment. Most individuals and organizations choose to take both courses within the same week of instruction.

Attendees must be present for the entire training, complete all required coursework and fully participate in all required exercises to receive a certificate of completion. Attendees with a certificate of completion achieve the prerequisite requirement to attend the Practical Application of FETI® course. Completion of this course does not provide an attendee with a license to instruct the FETI® Methodology or identify themselves as a Certified FETI® Practitioner. Attendees intending to be identified as a practitioner of Certified FETI® are required to fulfill all requirements of, at a minimum, Basic Certification. Attendees intending to instruct Certified FETI® are required to fulfill requirements of Advanced Certification and then apply for a specialty designation of Instructor.

Course Objectives

  • Learn and understand the FETI Framework™
  • Understand the important difference between an interview and an investigation
  • Recognize the impact and science-basis of trauma and high-stress on memory, communication, and recall
  • Learn how to maximize Opportunities for Information™
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  • Read and review the course's welcome guide.

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  • Help us understand your thoughts before attending the Introduction to FETI training.

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  • Attend and complete the Introduction to FETI in-person training event.

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  • Provide feedback on curriculum and instructors

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  • Your in-person training event instructors will review your participation and verify your course completion.

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Online, In-Person

Course Duration

2 Days

Certification Path

Step 1 of 3 to Basic Certification

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The Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview course is a hybrid online and in-person training, and the heart of the course is a 2 day, in-person, lecture-style event. By adding your event to your cart, you are purchasing the course which includes the in-person training event.

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Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon: Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview



Feb 24-25, 2020 9:00am-5:00pm
Registration Closes Feb 24, 2020

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Course FAQs

The FETI path to certification consists of different levels of certification: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Each level of certification is comprised of a number of courses that must be completed in sequential order.  For example, Basic certification is made up of 3 courses: Introduction to FETI, Practical Application of FETI, and Blue Interview Evaluations and Basic Exam.

Courses vary in duration and type. Some courses are online only and some are hybrid – requiring both online lessons and in-person training events.

Events are always in-person and are typically hosted by different organizations around the world. You can see a schedule of all of FETI’s events at our training calendar.

The Introduction to FETI in-person, classroom portion of the course is 2 consecutive days. Each day begins at 9am and ends at 5pm.