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Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview

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The Introduction to FETI® course is the first step on the path to Basic Certification. At the core of the Introduction to FETI course is an interactive online experience taught by Certified FETI Advanced (CFP-A) instructors with significant industry and FETI interviewing experience. The online course also includes a library of information and resources. The introductory course provides instruction on the official FETI Framework™, detailing how to correctly conduct a Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview.

Attendees of the Introduction to FETI are encouraged to enroll in the second step on the path to certification, the Practical Application of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview, where interviews are conducted, practiced, and evaluated by our instructors in a small and highly effective learning environment.

Attendees must complete all required coursework and fully participate in all required exercises to receive a certificate of completion. Attendees with a certificate of completion achieve the prerequisite requirement to attend the Practical Application of FETI course. Completion of this course does not provide an attendee with a license to instruct the FETI Methodology or identify themselves as a Certified FETI Practitioner. Attendees intending to be identified as a practitioner of Certified FETI are required to fulfill all requirements of, at a minimum, Basic Certification. Attendees intending to instruct Certified FETI are required to fulfill requirements of Advanced Certification and then apply for a specialty designation of Instructor.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the FETI FrameworkTM
  • Recognize the impact of trauma and high-stress on memory, communication, and recall
  • Learn how to maximize opportunities for information gathering
  • Understand the difference between an interview and an investigation
  • Identify ways that Experiential Information CollectionTM may be negatively impacted

Course Outline

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Pre-Course Information Submissions
Getting Started
Proficiency Evaluation
Practical Exercise
FETI Foundations
FETI Framework Element #1: Science and Practice-Based
FETI Framework Element #2: Opportunities For Information™
Proficiency Evaluation
Practical Exercise
FETI Framework Element #3: Neutral and Equitable
FETI Framework Element #4: Continuum of an Interview Experience
Practical Exercise
Bringing it all Together
Optional Learning
Post-Course Evaluation of Learning

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Certified FETI approaches interviewing as a lifelong skill. Our most successful interviewers understand the significance of practice, feedback, and professional innovation. The certification process, and its corresponding training, incorporates each accordingly with an emphasis on annual curriculum updates and annual evaluations. Certification allows individual practitioners the opportunity for professional accountability by the official organization maintaining and updating the Certified FETI Methodology.

The Introduction to FETI course is the first step to obtaining Basic Certification in the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview Methodology. All of the information necessary to provide a FETI in a consistent manner in accordance with official Certified FETI Metrics is obtained during the introductory course. Additional courses and instruction opportunities are available for those that are interested in advancing their FETI skillsets.

The cost for this course is $395 for lifetime access, which includes annual updates, access to materials in our library, and a listing on the Certified FETI Directory once you have completed all of the instruction.

The Certified FETI® Methodology is designed for continuous improvement and is reviewed and updated annually. When you purchase and access the Introduction to FETI course, your online account at will automatically receive the annual curriculum updates without any additional financial cost to you. This means you never have to purchase or travel to another training for the Introduction to FETI course again while still remaining updated on the latest information available.

The Introduction to FETI online course is self-paced and interactive. This means the course is to be completed at the desired pace of the individual enrolled, whether that be two days, two weeks, or two years. Attendees of both the online course and in-person Introduction to FETI course receive credit for 16 training hours.


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Step 1 of 3 to Basic Certification

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