Basic Certification Bundle (Online Only)

What is the Basic Certification Bundle (Online Only)?

Basic Certification Online Bundle | Certified FETI

This online bundle provides individuals (and organizations) who are seeking Basic Certification with everything recommended (learning and practice) to attempt and be successful with certification. The bundle includes the following recommended training courses: the FETI Methodology Course (Online) and the Practical Application of FETI Course (Online). It also includes the Basic Certification (2 interview submissions and exam). The bundle is for online training and certification only.


What to expect after purchasing the Basic Certification Bundle (Online Only)

After the purchase of this bundle, your account will be credited with a token for each course and the certification attempt. Tokens can be redeemed at your convenience upon enrollment. Although there are no prerequisites to attempt Basic Certification, we highly recommend completing the FETI Methodology Course and the Practical Application of FETI course prior to attempting Basic Certification. The learning and practice acquired from these courses will prepare you to be successful in certification.


Helpful information about each course in the bundle

The FETI Methodology Course (Online) | Certified FETIThe FETI Methodology Course (Online) - This online learning course is self-paced and can be started anytime at your convenience. The FETI Methodology Course (16 hours) is foundational for learning the FETI Interviewing technique and provides all the knowledge needed to successfully pass the Examination component of Basic Certification. Learn more about the FETI Methodology course here.


Practical Application of FETI Quick Card | Certified FETIPractical Application of FETI (Online) - In this online practice course you will apply and practice the elements of the FETI Framework™️ (and Methodology) – both as a facilitator and participant of an interview. The intensive interviewing practice and feedback during this course will adequately prepare you for the 2 pass/fail interview submissions required during Basic Certification. This course is 34 hours over 10 days and is event-based. Learn more about the Practical Application of FETI course (Online) here.


Basic Certification Quick Card | Certified FETIBasic Certification (Online) - The Basic Certification of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview is a lifetime distinction that provides transparency and accountability to the general public that the certified interviewer can conduct a successful FETI Interview at a Basic level. Basic Certification can be attempted anytime and requires the submission of 2 non-casework interviews for evaluation plus a passing score on the Basic Certification Exam. Learn more about the Basic Certification here.