Sharing Course Information

Your payment for this course includes a single license for you to view the material.  It is important for you to know that sharing, downloading or otherwise duplicating any of the FETI Methodology Course materials with another person or organization is strictly prohibited and can result in a lifetime ban from the Certified FETI platform, including all directories and instructional materials. You are encouraged to read the Terms of Service that were agreed to upon purchasing or viewing this course. As the founding and governing body for the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview, we at Certified FETI are responsible for making sure the content you, and others, receive is accurate and counts towards certification.  We are unable to regulate and update material when it is not on the Certified FETI platform and therefore cannot provide permissions for the material to be viewed outside of official Certified FETI training courses. We encourage you to download materials found in the Library section of the FETI Training Portal for your personal use.  Please understand that use of these materials to create an instructional course of any kind is prohibited.

Sensitive Content and Language 

The content and discussion in this course will necessarily engage topics including high-stress and trauma.  This course is intended for a professional audience, specifically for those who intend to interview persons about highly stressful or traumatic experiences.  We do not filter or sanitize any person’s words about their experience.  Please be aware, some may find the content emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with.  As such, please take care not to view this course where the audio or video can be easily seen or heard by others.

If you have any additional questions about the course, please contact customer service by clicking the link on the bottom of the page. We are happy to answer your questions.