By clicking “SELECT COHORT” you are redeeming (spending) a course token that you, or a person on your behalf, has already purchased.

Due to the limited capacity of these events we are unable to refund a token or move you to another cohort if you are currently assigned to a cohort that is within sixty (60) calendar days of starting.

BE ADVISED: We are required to maintain very strict attendance policies at Practical Application of FETI Courses as each attendee directly impacts another attendees ability to complete their interviews and coursework. Due to these requirements, there is no ability to accommodate last minute changes or absences for any reason. This includes court subpoena, work obligations or other commitments you may have that conflict unexpectedly with the cohort agenda. You are highly encouraged to determine your ability to make yourself unavailable with courts and employers prior to selecting a seat in a cohort. Missing any portion of the “LIVE” sessions removes you fully from the remaining portion of the course without refund of your course token.

Technology Requirements

This course requires access to a reliable Internet connection. You will be required to participate in 1:1 video calling and group video calling. Due to the nature of this course, there is no opportunity to reschedule meeting and interview times that are missed due to connection issues. You are strongly advised to only register for a cohort once you have confirmed you have access to a private area with reliable high speed Internet during all dates and times listed in the detailed Cohort Agenda as “LIVE”. Missed meetings or interviews will result in an incomplete for the course without refund of course token.

CAUTION! More than one person in a single location accessing online video conferencing will significantly reduce your Internet speeds. Be aware of how many other attendees from your location will be registered for the cohort you select before confirming. You will be required to be in fully private and separate space from other attendees in your same location.

Test your Internet speed using Recommended minimum Internet speeds for all live sessions are:

  • Download: 8 Mbps
  • Upload: 1 Mbps

You will be required to have access during all designated “LIVE” instruction times to a computer, monitor, webcam, speakers, microphone and a high-speed Internet Service Provider.

Technology Proficiency

You should be proficient in basic computer skills including use of a web browser, sending and receiving email, and use of a webcam in addition to having familiarity with using online communication platforms that include videoconferencing and online learning management systems.

This course requires the submission of a written report and written answers to self-paced learning assignments and tasks. You should be proficient with word processing or other productivity applications.

User Agreement

In addition to the main Terms of Service you have already agreed to, we want to highlight specific requirements for participating in the Practical Application Course so you are better able to prepare:

  • You will be required to participate in all “LIVE” sessions from a fully private space free from physical and audible distractions. You will be the participant and the interviewer during interviews multiple times over the course of this instruction. In order to offer privacy to all of our attendees you may not allow any person to observe or overhear any of the “LIVE” sessions. Any violation of this will result in a ban from the entire Certified FETI platform without refund of any monies paid.
  • During the Practical Application of FETI course you are required to participate in recorded interviews (not including the Personal Experience Interview with an instructor). Part of the course instruction involves reviewing interviews you facilitate and interviews other attendees facilitate. All interviews are recorded within our Microsoft Teams Online Interview Rooms and are only available to attendees within your cohort. To preserve privacy for all attendees, screen recordings of any kind are monitored and strictly prohibited. Any violation will result in a ban from the entire Certified FETI platform without refund of any monies paid.
  • Due to privacy and facilitation restrictions, attendees from the same organization are not allowed to attend the “LIVE” sessions from the same physical space.
  • The nature of this instruction requires all attendees to list their real first and last name, job title and upload a photograph of their real person to their Certified FETI account for the duration of the course. No avatars, drawings or other graphic representations are permitted.
  • All trainings are conducted in English. Contact the help desk for options to attend training in another language before registering.
  • Veracities strives to make all of our training events accessible to everyone. If you require an accommodation, you must advise us in advance of any needed auxiliary aids or services.