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Little Rock, Arkansas: Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (In-person)

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Event Overview

The Introduction to FETI course is two days of in-person instruction of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview methodology. At the core of this learning course is a live classroom experience with a Certified FETI instructor.

The training will be in Little Rock, Arkansas at Camp Aldersgate (2000 Aldersgate Road Little Rock, Arkansas 72205) on November 18 – 19, 2024.

InterCue Interviewing Center is hosting this Certified FETI® training. Travel, lodging, and other logistics are not facilitated by Certified FETI.

Contact us with questions at tellmemore@certifiedfeti.com

Frequently Asked Questions

You can enroll into this event by purchasing the Introduction to FETI (In-person) course. Once purchased you can select this event (or another of your choosing) on your dashboard. If you are an organization looking to send multiple people to this event, please contact us at tellmemore@certifiedfeti.com and we can quickly assist you with enrollment.

No, there are no prerequisites for this training event.


Nov 18

9am - 5pm Central


Nov 19

9am - 5pm Central


About the Course

The Introduction to FETI course provides instruction on the official FETI Framework, detailing how to correctly conduct a Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview. This course is taught by an Advanced CFP-A FETI Instructor with significant experience both utilizing and teaching the FETI Methodology. This presentation discusses the essential elements of a FETI Interview, allowing attendees to immediately apply the knowledge from the training to their professional work.

Attendees who are new to the FETI Methodology or have attended a more abbreviated Certified FETI training course, will find this training to be an educational and interactive way to learn how to conduct a FETI Interview. All persons 18 years of age and older are welcome to attend. No specific professional role is required to attend this event and there are no course prerequisites.

This course provides a great foundation for those choosing to participate in more intensive, one-on-one, interview practice at a Practical Application of FETI training.

Instruction is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day and is provided in a lecture style supported by group practice, examples of the FETI Methodology and facilitated group discussions.

Click here for downloadable flyer: Little Rock Arkansas – Introduction to FETI – August 2024

Event Reminders
  • No Prerequisite to attend this training.
  • Attendees must be present for the entire training, complete all written coursework and fully participate in all exercises and discussion to continue in the course and receive a certificate of completion.
  • The event will be from 9-5pm each day and attendees that miss any portion of the event will not receive a certificate of completion.
  • All cancellations must be submitted online through our website more than 21 days before the course begins.
  • This training may contain content that depicts graphic images, video, and other media
  • No dress code. Attendees are encouraged to adhere to their organization’s policy if applicable.
  • Food and beverages are not provided, but there is an hour-long break for lunch as well as shorter breaks throughout the day.

2-day Event


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