Police focus on trauma-informed techniques to serve campus community

Police officers should be neutral, fair and equitable when it comes to interviewing people involved in crimes to best ensure a successful investigation. That’s the theory behind a science-based interviewing methodology called FETI (Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview), which also emphasizes taking care not to re-traumatize crime victims while gathering information. 

“As our officers investigate crimes, it is important to understand how traumatic incidents are coded in the brain,” said CUPD Commander Eric Edford, who is also an investigator for the department. “FETI gives officers a tool to help extract facts when people who are involved with these crimes may not be able to readily recall information.”

CUPD Commander Eric Edford

Members of the CU Boulder Police Department (CUPD) received FETI training this spring, learning to maximize information collection from victims, witnesses and suspects after a crime occurs. The technique was put into practice immediately, adding to CUPD’s slate of options to help address mental health concerns and connect the campus community to resources. 

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