Training Interview Evaluation

About the Training Interview Evaluation

A Training Interview Evaluation is an in-depth written evaluation that can be added to any recorded interview conducted during a Practical Application of FETI (Online) course or Certification course. The written interview evaluation is performed by a Certified FETI Practitioner - Advanced (CFP-A) and includes a full review of your FETI interview.

Evaluations include but are not limited to:

  • a detailed summary of the interview with feedback on interviewer persona, strengths and weaknesses, and more
  • a list of your cues and prompts used during the interview with commentary from the evaluator
  • benchmarking against Certified FETI's Evaluation Metrics
  • key takeaways for improving the FETI skillset

Training Interview Evaluations are great for individuals and organizations who are looking for in-depth, individualized feedback on how they are currently conducting a FETI interview within the bounds of a training environment (non-casework interviews).

Evaluations are delivered via .pdf within 30 days of the interview being conducted. Your purchase includes an evaluation for 1 interview.

Add a Live Feedback Session to your Training Interview Evaluation

Live Feedback Session for Training Interview Evaluations | Certified FETI

Bundle your written evaluation with a live feedback session with your evaluator. With this add-on you will be provided the opportunity to connect with your evaluator online to review your evaluation, receive feedback, and ask questions.

Live Feedback Sessions are 30 minutes and are conducted online over a secure video conferencing platform. Certified FETI staff will help faciliate the scheduling of your session after the completion of your evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, training interview evaluations are offered to provide in-depth, individualized feedback on your current interviewing skillset.

Unfortunately, these evaluations are only available for interviews that are recorded as they are watched and evaluated after the training and/or certification process.

Absolutely, Certified FETI faculty and staff are bound to confidentiality terms per our Terms of Service. The content that is discussed during these sessions is confidential to the extent that participants of the evaluation and/or live feedback session choose to share with others.