Personal Experience Interview (Training Exercise)

About the Personal Experience Interview (PEI)

The PEI Interview is a training exercise that provides people who are considering using the FETI Methodology, or already utilize the FETI Methodology when interviewing, with an opportunity to experience what it is like to be interviewed by someone who has achieved an Advanced Certification in the FETI Methodology.

When choosing to use an interview methodology, it is important to put yourself in the position of a participant so you have a better understanding of what it feels like to be interviewed using the particular interviewing methodology you plan to utilize.

Considerations for your Personal Experience Interview (PEI):

  • It is helpful to come prepared with a couple of different experiences you are willing and able to share. It is common for people to choose at the last moment to share a certain experience, even if they had previously selected something different. Many people have expressed it being easier to think ahead of time about what you are willing to be interviewed about.
  • It is completely up to you what you are interviewed about. It is recommended that you choose something that you found stressful, impactful or traumatic as that will allow you to better understand what it feels like to be interviewed about such an experience. However, in accordance with the FETI Methodology, interviewers never require anyone to share information. You, as the interview participant, get to decide what experience you want to share. Please keep in mind when choosing the experience you will be interviewed about that this is a training exercise and, due to the nature of the training environment, we do not have the ability to provide any attendee with a support person or resources before, during or after the PEI Interview.
  • This training exercise requires the sharing of an actual experience that happened to you. Please keep in mind that if during your PEI you do not actually participate in being interviewed you will not pass this required course exercise. For example, if you spend your PEI time just discussing the course with the interviewer or expressing your feelings about having to participate in a PEI, your interviewer will inform me of that and you will be marked as non-participatory. Your interviewer is fine answering some questions prior to the interview beginning but this is to be kept minimal as you have had a prior opportunity to ask those questions to me before your PEI.
  • You'll likely get the most out your chosen time for your PEI if you choose something that was a single incident where you were directly involved, rather than something you witnessed or something that happened over a period of time. For example, some people choose to share the death of a loved one. Sharing what you're able to remember about a specific day, or incident, involving that death would provide you with an opportunity to experience how the FETI Methodology assists with memory recall when your interviewer is limited to one hour. The FETI Methodology is very effective with multiple incidents and experiences that involve a course of conduct, however those interviews are often more in-depth and lengthy than what the PEI exercise allows for. It is still completely up to you what experience you decide to share, just be aware of the limits the training exercise has.
  • This is an opportunity to share an experience with someone you are unlikely to ever see again. It is very common for our PEI Interviewers to hear from attendees that they shared their experience for the first time ever, or that it is something they have been hesitant to talk in-depth with their loved ones about.  Your interview is 100% private and your interviewer does not share what you tell them with any other person, including any staff at Certified FETI or other Advanced Interviewers (keep in mind, even though our CFP-A's may not be mandated reporters they are not designated confidential or privileged so information obtained about threats of self-harm or harm to others will be appropriately disseminated).
  • You have the ability to have your PEI recorded. The online training environment allows us the opportunity to have your PEI Interview recorded at your direction which better allows for you to be fully in the role of participant while still being able to watch back the interview in order to learn from the advanced interviewer at a later date. If you choose to have your interview recorded, the recording is placed in a private online interview room that only you have access to. The interview is available for viewing when, or if, you want to watch it back. No person other than you is able to watch the recording of your PEI (including your PEI Interviewer) without your specific permission. We often hear from our Advanced Interviewers that their participants mention at the end of the interview they wish it had been recorded. I recommend that you choose to record your PEI if you are not sure as you can always instruct us to delete the recording but we cannot go back and record the interview once it has occurred.
  • Be on time. We are unable to reschedule PEI Interviews as we have to coordinate with our Advanced Interviewers. The PEI is a required part of the Practical Application Course and you will not be able to receive a certificate of completion for the course without successfully participating in the exercise. If you miss part of the hour you will not be able to complete the exercise. It is strongly encouraged to test your internet connection and audio/video capabilities on the device you will be using before your scheduled interview time just to make sure you do not require technical assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the day of your scheduled PEI Interview you will log into the meeting using a link provided to you by the Certified FETI Program. Your interviewer will be available in the meeting at, or slightly before, your assigned interview time. Once you join the meeting you will be entered into a private meeting area with your interviewer. No other person will be present for the duration of your interview. Keep in mind that you will need to be in a fully private space for your PEI. We encourage you to choose a location where you are comfortable if possible. The interviewer will need to be able to see your entire face in order to conduct the interview so please be aware of backlighting and camera placement.