Practical Application of FETI Evaluations – October 2019 (Hanover, New Hampshire)

Download Here

Don’t take our word for it! Click the link above to download the evaluations completed by attendees at our Practical Application of FETI Course in October of 2019.  All evaluations turned in have been included so you are able to hear directly from those that have participated in the course.  Some of the comments include:

“Made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.” – Law Enforcement Attendee

“This training was amazing.” – “Law Enforcement Attendee

“Carrie was great at connecting everything we’ve learned to our roles in our jobs. It reminds us that we do need this training!” – Law Enforcement Attendee

“I learned more at this training than any other training I have gone to about interviews.” – Law Enforcement Attendee

“I thought this course was awesome!” – Higher Education Attendee