Practical Application of FETI Evaluations – July 24 – 26, 2019 (Rochester, MN)

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Don’t take our word for it!  Look through the evaluations completed by attendees at our Practical Application of FETI Course completed July of 2019:

“Great training. Some of the best all around training I have been to in my entire law enforcement career.  It is evident you all are passionate about what you do and care about all of us.  Thank you.” – Law Enforcement Attendee

“This needs to be mandated in all human/social/public service professions.  Cadre of Instructors were amazing!” – Child Forensic Interviewer

“This was a great course and I am grateful I was able to attend. I have learned a ton.” – Law Enforcement Attendee

“Very rewarding.  I made sacrifices to be here and it was worth it.” – Attorney

“I felt like actually being a participant in an interview helped me to understand more fully how FETI can be very beneficial to obtaining more accurate, detailed experiences in a non-traumatic way.” – Law Enforcement Attendee