Practical Application of FETI Evaluations – July 10 – 12, 2019

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Don’t take our word for it!  Look through the evaluations completed by attendees at our Practical Application of FETI Course completed in July of 2019.

“FETI is very eye opening on what an interview could look like and how much easier court would be w/all the additional information that could from the interview. Training was way better than I expected.  Did not expect to learn so much about myself and how I conduct my investigations.  As well as learning about the FETI technique.” – Law Enforcement Attendee

“Career changing.” – Law Enforcement Attendee

“Skeptic that is now a believer in the process.  Thank you for being real throughout the course.  Excellent experience that allowed for a better understanding of FETI.” – Law Enforcement Attendee

“Thank you.  I will attempt to change how I’ve done my interviews for the past 28 years.” – Law Enforcement Attendee